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T20 JER vs GGY 1st Today Match Prediction ball by ball

T20 JER vs GGY 1st Today Match Prediction ball by ball

Guernsey vs Jersey 1st Match Jersey tour of Guernsey100% Sure Today Match Prediction ball by ball Cricfrog

JER vs GGY 1st T20 Match ball by ball prediction 100% Sure Confirmed by Global Famous No.1 Predictor Cricket Match Expert

Betting Tip:

Guernsey will go one-on-one against Jersey in the 1st match of the Jersey tour of Guernsey 2022. All the GGY - Guernsey team players are good and strong and will use their experience and conditions of this Jersey tour of Guernsey cricket competition to perform very well. Today’s match prediction ball by ball


Guernsey Experts Preview

The Guernsey team has a whole army of strong batsmen who can bat in all kinds of conditions. The seam bowlers get a lot of swing on the England grounds, due to which the Guernsey bowlers can surprise the batsmen of the opposition team by bowling a lot of swings.

Jersey Experts Preview

On the other hand, Jersey has got experienced players. JER players will be ready to make a good impact in this match.

Match Details

Date & Time 20 May 2022 at 8.30 PM

Venue: College Field, St Peter Port

Live Streaming: Fancode Mobile Apps

Winning Chances of this Match for the Both Teams:

  • Jersey has a 20% chance to win this match
  • Guernsey has a 80% chance to win this match

Pitch Report:

The surface is likely to be made in favor of the batters for entertainment purposes. We can expect a high-scoring encounter in this match.

Toss Session Lambi pari Fency prediction

Guernsey - GGY Playing Squads for Best Fantasy Suggestions:

Playing 11 not yet available.

Jersey - JER Playing Squads for :

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Playing 11 not yet available.

GGY vs JER Jersey tour of Guernsey 1st Match Dream11 Team Prediction, Fantasy Cricket Tips

Dream11 Team for Guernsey vs Jersey Jersey tour of Guernsey GGY vs JER dated 20 May 2022 at 8.30 PM Best Fantasy Suggestions. Today match prediction raja babu

Best Fantasy Suggestions GGY vs JER Jersey tour of Guernsey 1st Today Match Prediction is: $$$$

First Innings 6 Over Session and 20 Over Lambi Pari Fancy Probable Score Prediction

    Case 1:
  • If GGY Win the toss & Bowl First than 6 Over Fanci Runs is: 25 to 35 & 20 Over Lambi Pari’s score is: 133 to 157
  • Case 2:
  • If JER wins the toss & Bowl First than 6 Over Power play Score is: 40 to 47 & 20 Over Lambi Pari’s Runs is : 122 to 142

Frequently asked questions:

  1. What cricket match is going on now? JER vs GGY 1st Match
  2. When cricket match will start? 20 May 2022 at 8.30 PM
  3. Where live a cricket match today? Fancode Mobile Apps
  4. How did win a cricket match today? If you want to know who will win today's match, then message us on our WhatsApp number 91-7742514247 from your mobile now and take advantage of our premium pad service.
  5. Who will win he cricket match prediction today ? JER or GGY can be a win


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