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IPL 2024: Gujarat vs Mumbai T20 Match Prediction | Cricfrog

Get IPL 2024 match prediction for Gujarat vs Mumbai T20 clash. Expert analysis, toss prediction, and session forecast by Cricfrog.

Gujarat vs Mumbai T20 5th Match Prediction: A Thrilling Encounter in IPL 2024

In the highly anticipated IPL clash today, the Gujarat Titans (GT) are set to face off against the Mumbai Indians (MI). As cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the outcome, the burning question on everyone's mind is, "Who will emerge victorious?" Both teams have showcased their prowess throughout the tournament, making predictions a challenging yet thrilling endeavor. In this high-stakes encounter, Gujarat and Mumbai are geared up for a battle that could significantly impact their standings.


Fixture Details

Date & Time: 24 March 2024 at 7.30 PM Venue: Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad Live Streaming: Star Sports Network & JIO Cinema

GT vs MI Head to Head Records

POS Team P W L
1 GT - - -
2 MI - - -
On the other hand, Mumbai Indians boast experienced players and are prepared to make a significant impact in this IPL game. Mumbai Indians have a 55% chance to win this match, whereas Gujarat Titans have a 45% chance to win.

Pitch Report

Toss prediction in a cricket match is a pivotal aspect that revolves around forecasting which team will emerge victorious in the coin toss, granting them the strategic choice of batting or bowling first. The surface of Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad is likely to be made in favor of the batters for entertainment purposes, promising a high-scoring encounter in this game.

Match Prediction

Experts predict Gujarat Titans would likely field Indian batsmen Shubman Gill, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Rahul Tewatia, with one overseas batsman chosen from Matthew Wade or David Miller. Their all-rounder would be Rashid Khan, supported by Indian pacers Umesh Yadav and Pradeep Sangwan, alongside one overseas pacer selected from Lockie Ferguson or Spencer Johnson. R. Sai Kishore would serve as their spinner. MI, on the other hand, would rely on Indian batsmen Rohit Sharma (c), Suryakumar Yadav, Ishan Kishan (wk), along with overseas batsman Tim David. Their all-rounder would be Hardik Pandya, backed by Indian pacers Jasprit Bumrah and Arjun Tendulkar, with one overseas pacer picked from Jason Behrendorff or Dilshan Madushanka. They would either opt for Piyush Chawla or Rahul Chahar as their spinner, depending on pitch conditions.

Today Session, Lambi Pari Fancy Prediction

Case 1: GT Win the Toss & Bowl First

  • 6 Over Fancy Runs: 49 to 55
  • 20 Over Lambi Pari Score: 172 to 199

Case 2: MI Wins the Toss & Bowl First

  • 6 Over Powerplay Score: 45 to 52
  • 20 Over Lambi Pari Runs: 169 to 192
In today's cricket match GT vs MI, session prediction involves forecasting outcomes within specific game phases, fancy bets focus on unique occurrences like over performance or player-specific events, and lambi pari entails predicting the total runs scored throughout the entire match. These betting options provide enthusiasts with diverse ways to engage with the game beyond traditional outcomes, adding excitement to specific periods or events within the match.

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  • 1. What time does the match start?
    • The match begins at 7.30 PM.
  • 2. Where is the match being played?
    • The match is being played at Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad.
  • 3. How can I watch the match live?
    • The match can be streamed live on Star Sports Network & JIO Cinema.
  • 4. Who are the key players for Gujarat Titans?
    • Key players for GT include Shubman Gill, Rashid Khan, and Umesh Yadav.
  • 5. Who are the key players for Mumbai Indians?
    • Key players for MI include Rohit Sharma, Jasprit Bumrah, and Hardik Pandya.
  • 6. What are the winning chances of Mumbai Indians?
    • Mumbai Indians have a 55% chance of winning.
  • 7. What are the winning chances of Gujarat Titans?
    • Gujarat Titans have a 45% chance of winning.
  • 8. What is the pitch condition?
    • The pitch is likely to favor batsmen.
  • 9. Who will bowl the first over for Gujarat Titans?
    • The first over might be bowled by Umesh Yadav.
  • 10. Who will bat first if Mumbai Indians win the toss?
    • If MI wins the toss, they might choose to bat first.


The clash between Gujarat Titans and Mumbai Indians promises to be an enthralling encounter in the IPL 2024. With both teams boasting strong line-ups, the match is expected to be fiercely contested. Pitch conditions and toss outcomes will play crucial roles in determining the course of the game. Fans can expect a high-scoring affair with plenty of excitement and action on the field. Stay tuned for live updates and predictions from Cricfrog.

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Disclaimer:  Please note that our predictions are based on thorough analysis and expertise, but cricket matches are subject to uncertainty, and the outcome may vary. Kindly use your discretion when making any investments or betting decisions.


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