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New Zealand vs Sri Lanka 3rd ODI Match Prediction Today NZ vs SL One Day...

NZ vs SL 3rd ODI Today Match Prediction ball by ball

The third ODI match between New Zealand and Sri Lanka will take place on 31st March 2023 at 6:30 AM at Seddon Park, Hamilton. In this article, we will provide you with the ball by ball prediction, toss prediction, and the list of players playing for both teams. We will also share our insights and expert opinions on who will win the match.

SL vs NZ ODI Match ball by ball prediction

The second match of the series was washed out due to rain. As a result, Sri Lanka cannot win this ODI series. The series will either be won by the New Zealand team or it can be a tie. This ODI series was essential for Sri Lanka in terms of the upcoming World Cup. Unfortunately, it looks like Dasun Shanaka's team will have to return empty-handed to Sri Lanka. The performance of the Kiwi team under the captaincy of Tom Latham is going very well. The team batting first in the first innings can score between 47 to 55 in a 10-over powerplay at Seddon Park, Hamilton, the pitch of the ground, and the players' performance in previous matches. On the other hand, in the first innings of 50 overs, the score can range between 232 to 293 in the longer innings.

NZ vs SL Today Toss and Prediction

As per our 100% match prediction, New Zealand will win the toss in this match. There is no report or analysis of the toss, just a guess. Now, let's move on to the ball by ball prediction. The list of players playing for New Zealand could be as follows:
  • Finn Allen
  • Chad Bowes
  • Will Young
  • Daryl Mitchell
  • Tom Latham (c & wk)
  • Glenn Phillips
  • Rachin Ravindra
  • Henry Shipley
  • Ish Sodhi
  • Matt Henry
  • Blair Tickner
According to the previous record of the players of both the teams and today's form, New Zealand has a 70 percent chance of winning this match. However, cricket is a game of uncertainties, and anything can happen on the day of the match.

Who will win today? NZ or SL

Today Match Paid Reports.

India's No. 1 Tipper for NZ vs SL ODI Cricket Match -

India No,1 Cricket Match Tipper

NZ vs SL ODI Match Prediction Reports is: SL win or 20 P 

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    (25)Peshawar Zalmi just loss⛔⛔
    (26)Lahore Qalandars win pass🥎🥎
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    (28)Multan Sultan win pass🥎🥎
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    (31)Multan Sultan win pass🥎🥎
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